A collaborative project exploring long-term futures for artist-led spaces and workspaces in the North East of England.



More Than Meanwhile Spaces is an ongoing, collaborative and transdisciplinary project that explores long-term futures for artist-run initiatives and workspaces in the North East of England. Organised via a flexible working group, it has involved (to date) three Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Award (ESRC IAA) funded projects and one project funded directly by Newcastle City Council – all run by a core group including academics from Newcastle University, the University of Northumbria, artists and creative practitioners (e.g. from The NewBridge Project), and staff from Newcastle City Council. Please see the above pages for more detail on each of our projects, as well as the publications page for access to resulting project reports (available as a free PDF download).

If you have an idea for some collaborative work, or would like to ask us a question, please get in touch with any of the team members. You can find out more about us on the ‘Our Team’ page above.

We’re here today because we want to counteract the assumption that artist-led is merely a meanwhile practice, needing access to nothing more than meanwhile space”

Kerry Harker, Keynote speaker at MTMS I, 2018